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About Rusty Wheel Farm of Gig Harbor

About Rusty Wheel Farm of Gig Harbor

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Rusty Wheel Farm is a family-owned and operated business committed to producing naturally raised pork in an environmentally friendly way. We pasture raise Berkshire (Kurobuta) pigs, supplementing their diet with non-GMO feed and organic vegetables from our garden.

We never use growth hormones or antibiotics. This allows us to offer consumers and fine restaurants a delicious alternative to commercial farm pork products while helping to ensure the continuance of the Berkshire breed. At Rusty Wheel Farm, we are proud of our contribution to the preservation of these rare and important heritage pigs.

In addition to pigs and pork products, we have started a Non-GMO livestock feed buyers club. Buying grain in bulk allows us to offer quality feed at a reasonable price to individuals and farmers in the North Mason, Kitsap, and Western Pierce county areas.Call Kim for more information about the buying club and delivery dates in your area.

About The Owners
Paul was born and raised in southern Ohio and attended Purdue University. Upon graduation with a B.S. in Engineering Science he accepted a commission in the Navy where he served for the next 25 years. While in the Navy, he rose to Commander, completed a M.S. in Physics, and studied for a year at the Uruguayan Naval War College.

After retiring from the Navy, he worked for the Veterans Benefits Administration for 7 years before deciding what he really wanted was a life with fewer schedules and no I-5 commute. Paul continues to be active in the community in support of Veterans causes as a member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. He is enrolled in a welding program at Lake Washington Institute of Technology while working to establish Rusty Wheel Farm.

Kim is a wife, mother and teacher. She grew up in Eastern Oregon and graduated from Central Washington University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Science education, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Family Studies and a Masterís Degree in Education. She has been teaching high school for 22 years and is very excited for her new adventure in pig farming.

Kim is passionate about raising organic chickens and pigs, paleo eating, organic vegetable gardening, cooking and supporting local farmers. She strives to be mindful of her food choices in order to be more closely connected to her life, health, and community.

A Message from Paul and Kim
Welcome to Rusty Wheel Farm. We started raising pigs in order to ensure that the food we eat and share with our friends, community and family is the highest quality available. We pride ourselves on raising our animals in an ethical, environmentally responsible and compassionate way.

We believe in transparency; stop by anytime and see what makes us different.

Our Philosophy
To raise pure-bread Berkshire pigs in a natural environment the slow, old-fashioned way without antibiotics, chemicals or hormones.

Animal welfare will remain our top priority. We never dock tails or clip teeth because we donít need to. Pigs raised outside with room to roam donít develop aggressive behavior.

We do not believe the use of farrowing crates is justified or acceptable. Berkshire sows are naturally good mothers. They have smaller litters (7-8 piglets) than other breeds allowing them to care for all of their offspring.