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Custom Butchered Whole and Half Pigs

Custom Butchered Whole and Half Pigs

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We are now taking orders for spring, 2017. To order, please call 253-722-8351 or Contact Us for more information.

Download the Rusty Wheel Pork Cut Sheet and Order Form

We sell our 100% Berkshire hogs, whole or by the half, based on hanging weight. Hanging weight is the weight of the carcass after the animal has been eviscerated. Typically our animals are raised until they are 7-9 months old and weigh 250 pounds. This will yield a carcass of about 180 pounds and approximately 140 pounds of butchered meat in total (this may increase or decrease depending on your butchering choices). Freezer Space: whole hog about 8.1 cubic feet. Half- hog about 4.2 cubic feet.

Rusty Wheel Farm’s customized butchering allows you to make the decisions regarding your purchase – everything from the thickness of chops and type of sausage to packaging. For all bacon and hams, you can choose either the (1) natural celery root powder cure (no added nitrates or nitrites) or (2) sodium nitrite cure. The butcher adds a small extra charge for curing, rendering lard, and making sausages.

Please review the order form to place your order. If your order is not accompanied by cutting instructions the butcher will do a standard cut. We are always available for consultation regarding your choices; please contact Kim at 253-722-8351.

We require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit per order which is applied to the total cost of the hog. After slaughter, a hanging weight will be provided to us by the processor, and you will be invoiced for the remaining balance.

Our current price for custom pork orders is $5.00 a pound which includes the cost of butchering, but not smoking, rendering, or sausage making. Price per pound is the same whether you order a half or whole hog. If you are interested in ordering a half or whole hog you can place your deposit via our online store.

You pay one person. Us. We do all the communication with our USDA Butcher Shop. When your order is ready we’ll pick up your order from the butcher and schedule a delivery time and location with you or you can pick it up at our farm.