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Buy a Live Berkshire Pig

Buy a Live Berkshire Pig

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We have sows farrowing year round so piglets are generally available. Spring piglets are in high demand so you will want to reserve your piglet early.

At Rusty Wheel Farm we put our animals first. The health and welfare of our pigs is our main concern. All of our pigs have access to the outdoors year-round and are fed non-GMO feed and organic produce from our garden.

We raise pure-bred Berkshire pigs in a natural environment the slow, old-fashioned way without antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. Animal welfare is our top priority. We never dock tails or clip teeth.

Weaner Pigs

If you would like to raise your own pig, contact us to reserve your piglet.

Registered Breeding Stock or 4-H pigs

We take great pride in our wonderful breeding stock.
All of our breeding bloodlines originated in Iowa from the very best breeders.

Contact Us for more information about ordering Berkshire Piglets.